Notice is hereby given members of the Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish sociological associations to General Meeting of Nordic Sociological Association to attend the General Assembly of the Association on the 9th of August 2018 at Aalborg at 16.45-17.45. Documents for the meeting can be found on NSA’s document page.

The 29th Nordic Sociological Association Conference  The Global North – Welfare policies, mobilities, inequalities, and social movements will be held at Aalborg, Denmark, 8-10 August 2018. Deadline for registration: 3 August 2018.

THE NORDIC SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (NSA) is an alliance of the national sociological associations in DenmarkFinlandIcelandNorway, and Sweden. All members of the Nordic national sociological associations are automatically members of NSA. NSA’s main responsibilities are: (i) the quarterly journal Acta Sociologica, (ii) the biannual Nordic Sociological Conference, (iii) support of the sociological professional development in the Nordic countries, particularly through financial support to seminars, conferences and other projects. NSA is a member of the European Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association.

ACTA SOCIOLOGICA is the journal of the Nordic Sociological Association (NSA). It publishes peer-reviewed papers on high-quality innovative sociology, carried out from different theoretical and methodological points of departure, in the form of full-length original articles and review essays, as well as book reviews and commentaries.  The  journal was founded in 1955 and it appears with four issues per year. The editorship rotates among the Nordic countries, and is currently located at the University of Turku. The statutes of Acta Sociologica can be found on NSA’s document page. For more information about the journal, visit Acta Sociologica.

THE NORDIC SOCIOLOGICAL CONFERENCE is a biannual conference organised by the Nordic Sociological Association. The Conference has an academic program with keynote speakers and plenary sessions with prominent researchers, as well as a selection of working groups. The responsibility for hosting and arrangements rotates between the sociological associations in the Nordic countries. In 2002 the Conference was hosted at Reykjavik, in 2004 at Malmö,  in 2006 at Turku, in 2008 at Århus, in 2011 at Oslo, in 2012 at Reykjavik, in 2014 at Lund and in 2016 at Helsinki. The next conference will be held at Aalborg 7-9 of August, 2018. For more information and registration, visit the NSA2018 conference site.

FUNDING. The Nordic Sociological Association supports projects to promote Nordic sociology. Funded projects may range from workshops and conferences to surveys, meetings, publications etc. To be eligible for funding, the project must have a Nordic area of impact, and should not be limited to national interests. For more information, visit NSA’s project support page.