THE STATUTES of the Nordic Sociological Association (NSA) state that (§ 1): “The objective of the Nordic Sociological Association (NSA) is to promote sociological research and education in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden through cooperation between these countries.” NSA and its work is regulated by its Statutes; they define NSA’s aim and the structure and working of the organisation. The official version of the statutes are written in Swedish, but they are also available in English. The statutes can be found on NSA’s document page.

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY  of the Nordic Sociological Association (NSA) convenes every second year at the Nordic Sociological Conference. A report of the Association’s activities and accounts for the past two years are discussed and approved by the general assembly. Specially appointed representatives for the national sociological associations have the right to vote in the general assembly. Each country has the right to appoint eight such representatives. Documents for the next and the previous general assemblies can be found on NSA’s document page.

THE BOARD of the Nordic Sociological Association (NSA) consists of two representatives from each Nordic country.
The countries’ representatives on the board are elected by the respective countries’ national sociological associations. The board has the following members:

Sunna Símonardóttir  Chairperson (Iceland – Félagsfræðingafélags Íslands)

Erika Willander  Vice chairperson (Sweden – Sveriges Sociologförbund)

Jonas Thorborg Stage   (Denmark – Dansk sociologiforening)

Pelle Korsbæk Sørensen   (Denmark – Dansk sociologiforening)

Jani Erola   (Finland – Westermarck Society)

Sirpa Wrede   (Finland – Westermarck Society)

Ásdís Aðalbjörg Arnalds   (Iceland – Félagsfræðingafélags Íslands)

Johannes Bennetzen   (Norway – Norsk sosiologforening)

Marit Haldar   (Norway – Norsk sosiologforening)

Christofer Edling   (Sweden – Sveriges Sociologförbund)

Secretary/Treasurer to the NSA

Sverre Wide   (Sweden)